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Photo Album 3 - Woven Bamboo Boats


woven2.jpg (61401 bytes) Woven Bamboo, '60's

wovenrudderslot.jpg (46541 bytes)Woven bamboo, slotted stern-post for retractable rudder. '60's wovento10m.jpg (62242 bytes)10 meter woven bamboo boat. With retractable rudder. '60's
U.S.   Dept. of Defense "Bluebook of Coastal Vessels South Vietnam", 1960's

mekong2crop.jpg (849867 bytes)Woven bamboo, '97, Halong Bay region

mekong1a.JPG (49905 bytes)Halong Bay, woven bamboo boats in foreground, '97 MARSHALLvn061m.jpg (84331 bytes)Woven bamboo basket boats serve as dingies & lifeboats.
Photos courtesy Doug Palmer Photo courtesy Alan Marshall, visit his website at 
wen3217.jpg (40906 bytes)Woven bamboo boat, resistant to worms. Do Son wen3219.jpg (48183 bytes)The classic Vietnamese bamboo basket boat wenTA103222.jpg (43679 bytes)Woven Bamboo boats about to be launched, Do Son
Photos Courtesy Albert Wen, publisher ThingsAsian.Com
SpiveyTA195013.jpg (46549 bytes)Relaxing after a successful day of fishing, Do Son, 2000 SpiveyTA195015.jpg (42355 bytes)Do Son, 2000 SpiveyTA195017.jpg (41114 bytes)Fishermen returning, Do Son, 2000
Photos Courtesy Lisa Spivey, see her other works at ThingsAsian.Com
SpiveyTA103221.jpg (51694 bytes)The men relax and talk about the day's fishing, Do Son, 2000

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Photos Courtesy Lisa Spivey, see her other works at ThingsAsian.Com

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