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Photo Album 2 - Motorized Fishing Craft 


svn1.JPG (61329 bytes)1960's South Vietnam

c1_t1_cx.jpg (141405 bytes)1960's, S. Vietnam

c4_t1_adananga.jpg (58724 bytes)Danang, 1960's, Under Construction
from Blue Book of Coastal Vessels South Vietnam, 1967, published by U.S. Dept of Defense

mekong1crop.jpg (960154 bytes)1997, Mekong

rachgia4.jpg (305381 bytes)Rach Gia, 1997

rachgia3a.JPG (65544 bytes)Rach Gia, 1997

Photos by Doug Palmer
PGameDoclet.jpg (19519 bytes)Doc Let beach PGameDocletBch1.jpg (71455 bytes)Doc Let beach, 30 mi north of Nha Trang, "basket" boat in foreground. kemphdailanh.jpg (32978 bytes)Dai Lanh
Photos courtesy Philip Game, 2000, member Global Travel Writers  Photo courtesy Hans Kemp, 2000, visit his website at 
MARSHALLvn054m.jpg (106205 bytes)Packed into port mARSHALLvn056m.jpg (94056 bytes) MARSHALLvn057m.jpg (117038 bytes)
MARSHALLvn058m.jpg (93396 bytes) MARSHALLvn059m.jpg (90515 bytes)Note woven bamboo basket boat used as dingy MARSHALLvn061m.jpg (84331 bytes)Woven bamboo basket boat dingies get crew ashore and serve as lifeboats
Above six Photos courtesy Alan Marshall, visit his website at 
SpiveyTAG0923.jpg (42344 bytes)Van Hoa Beach 1994 SpiveyTAG1823.jpg (39840 bytes)Hoi An, along the Thus Bon River bank, 1994 spiveytug.jpg (36753 bytes)A tugboat, Saigon, 1994. 
Photos Courtesy Lisa Spivey, 1994,  visit
Van Hoa Beach 1994, Photos Courtesy Albert Wen, 1994,  visit Thingswen3218.jpg (40260 bytes)
Vung Tau,  both a busy fishing city and aduongvanhanhVTfishnets.jpg (78580 bytes) popular beach resort near Saigon. duongvanhanhvtboats.jpg (95920 bytes) duongvanhanhvtboats8.jpg (65827 bytes)
duongvanhanhvtboats3.jpg (55451 bytes) duongvanhanhvtboats5.jpg (65085 bytes) duongvanhanhvtboats6.jpg (54740 bytes)
duongvanhanhvtboats7.jpg (50779 bytes) duongvanhanhvtboats2.jpg (66638 bytes) duongvanhanhvtbte.jpg (56049 bytes)
duongvanhanhvtbtf.jpg (58977 bytes) duongvanhanhvtbts9.jpg (65918 bytes) duongvanhanhvtc.jpg (51603 bytes)
The above 12 pictures of Vung Tau fishing boat and fishermen scenes are courtesy Hanh Duong. Visit his website at Or you may Email him at 
coomber6nhatrangnets.jpg (44653 bytes)Fishing boats, nets, and people of Nha Trang coomber9nhatrang16.jpg (45900 bytes) coombernhatrang04.jpg (59524 bytes)
coomber12nhatrang10.jpg (45932 bytes)Beaching larger boats is often for repairs. coomber5nhatrang12.jpg (46504 bytes)Sorting the catch coomber11nhatrang07.jpg (53454 bytes)Drying fish
Photos courtesy Samantha Coomber, 2001. You can Email her at 

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